Who are we at SPHERICROOMS?

The team here at SPHERICROOMS, consider ourselves providers of DREAMS, manufacturing and developing UNIQUE SPACES.

Our vocation as manufacturers has led us to the creation of these EXCLUSIVE products, and to continuously INNOVATE, with many ideas to provide a global service bringing DREAMS.

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What we can offer?

All our products are designed under the new concept of tourism, GLAMPING, which is increasing and getting stronger in Europe and Spain.

We offer a strategic advantage to professional caterers, campsites, rural houses, and all those individuals who wish to introduce REMARKABLE SPACES into their facilities.

With these new type of ROOMS, you are provided with the ability to captivate a new more exclusive sort of customer (GLAMPING), providing the added personalized offers and services, differentiating your business from the hotel towers, crowds and conventions.

If you are a professional involved in leisure time, you will be able to get an idea of ​how an expansion of your facilities would be with our product, clean, without construction work, and within a maximum installation period of 48 hours. Differentiating yourself from your competition and adding value to your facilities with GLAMPING, plus the possibility of eventually adding as many igloos, balls or capsules as needed, without being confined and restricted by construction work or undue and disproportionate bank charges.

Our whole team is entirely devoted to undertaking the responsibility of assessing your choice from our options, in order to find the one that best suits your needs.

We hope that you will appreciate in our team the anticipation, confidence and hope with which we have developed this project and hope you will be convinced to also participate in it.